Perkele ‎- Live & Proud ..And More - DVD

Perkele ‎- Live & Proud ..And More - DVD

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Welcome to a 2-hour tour thru the Perkele wonderland! This DVD features some great live moments from two Perkele gigs: POGORAUSCH festival in Munich, March 2012. Headliner: Perkele. Sold out. BANDWORM Festival 2011. Headliner: Perkele. Sold out.  A total of 18 tracks, including all the hits. Picture and sound in top notch quality: Both gigs were recorded with 5 cameras, after that remixed and remastered in the studio.

Additional bonus footage: Raw & Uncut-recording of Endless Summer Festival 2010, a Perkele interview, and behind the scenes (in the studio, backstage).


01 Intro
02 Punkrock Army
03 Skinhead
04 Visitors
05 Here to stay
06 Paradise
07 Working Class
08 Moments
09 My own way
10 Heroes of today
11 Cowards
12 No shame
13 Forever
14 Yellow and blue
15 He loves violence (unreleased)
16 Trendy Wankers
17 Heart full of pride
18 Roots

+ live at Endless Summer Festival 2010
+ Walk on with Perkele
+ Perkele in the studio
+ extra fun stuff!