Ordering Hacks & FAQs

Any tips or tricks to know about when ordering?

Here’s how to make best use of our online shop:

 You are not required to set up an account to order. Simply browse the site by category (artist, region, or genre) or make use of our search field, then select the item(s) of your choice. It’s worth mentioning that it costs pretty much the same to ship one item as it does several. In other words, and at risk of sounding like we’re trying to upsell, it makes sense to order more music for the same postage and get more bang for the buck! Gang-up orders with friends to save on the shipping. Postage is always a hard reality and one that we are constantly trying to soften.

 Ordering package deals or bundles are also a good way of obtaining more for less.

Do I qualify for free shipping?

We offer free shipping on minimum orders, based on where you are ordering from:

 FREE Standard Shipping on all orders over $50 (North American customers)
FREE Surface International Shipping on all orders over $75 (International customers)

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment via a variety of options. Typically, the easiest way is to choose the Paypal option when checking out. If you don't have a Paypal account you can still choose this option and create one or pay with your credit card. We also accept eTransfers and cash through the mail (at your own risk). For these and other alternate payment inquiries, please contact us directly and we can assist you with the arrangements. Please ensure your email address is correct so that we may return communications with you.

How does shipping work and how long will it take to receive my order?

All shipping rates are calculated directly by our carrier. You can select from different rate options in the shopping cart. International orders may take up to an additional 6-8 weeks, depending on what rate options are selected. All orders to Europe, Asia, and Australia are automatically insured up to a value of $100 which is included in the shipping charge.

 We process all North American orders within the week they are received. We will use the shipping address you supply with your order. You will receive an automated confirmation email when your order is received and again when the order ships.

What about tracking? Will I get notification that my order has shipped?

If you chose registered shipping you will get an automatic email with the tracking info as soon as the courier has received your parcel. Where other shipping options may have a tracking number, you will receive similar notification.

Can you ship my records out of the sleeves/jackets?

We ship all orders secure and well-protected from typical handling by postal services. However, if you would like your vinyl records to be shipped out of the sleeve to eliminate the potential damage, please indicate this by special request as this usually involves breaching the wrap or seal of the product.

My order arrived damaged. What can I do?

Ok, this is not typical, so it means someone really went to town on it. But if your order arrives damaged, please contact us immediately. We also ask for photos or videos of the damaged or defective product in order to best evaluate and resolve the situation.

Where is my order? This taking longer than I expected.

We will turn your order around as quickly as possible. The shipping estimates are not guaranteed and we cannot guarantee an exact date that your order will arrive. International orders are subject to arriving later than the estimated date of delivery. We ask that you contact us only if it has been over 4 weeks since placing your order. In the event you believe a package is lost or stolen, please contact us immediately. To ensure a prompt response, email us with the date you placed order, your order number, your name, your address, and a description of what you ordered.

 PLEASE NOTE: Shipments may experience delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

When do pre-orders ship?

Items marked as pre-order will ship as soon as the items arrive, usually just before the announced pre-order date. We hold off on fulfilling your order until your order is complete.

Can I substitute items, add items, or combine multiple orders?

If you would like to change or combine an order with another after it has been placed, contact us and we will do all we can to accommodate.

How do you manage returns and refunds?

All returns (and non-shipping related refunds) are handled on a strict case-by-case basis.

QUESTIONS: Feel free to contact us anytime and we will strive to reply as soon as possible.