ISS 001-004 Set - Bromure / Street Troopers, The Brass / The Press, The Prowlers / Rude Pride, The Bench / The Bois

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Series 1 of the Inflame Singles Series is complete! Once these are gone, they will NOT be repressed! Get your complete set of four here at a discount before they are gone forever!

FORMAT: 7" EP x4


ISS 001
A1 Street Troopers - Sharp as a Knife
A2 Street Troopers - Backbencher

B1 Bromure - Jean Délavé
B2 Bromure - Mains dans les Poches

ISS 002
A1 The Press - Face in the Crowd
A2 The Press - Friday 5pm
A3 The Press - Goody Goody

B1 The Brass - Living Like a Rat
B2 The Brass - The Quick and the Dead

ISS 003
A1 - The Prowlers - Loonies Days
A2 - The Prowlers - John Jones

B1 - Rude Pride - The Hate In Me
B2 - Rude Pride - Just Tell Me

ISS 004
A1 - The Bench - The Cuffs
A2 - The Bench - While I'm Young

B1 - The Bois - From The Heart
B2 - The Bois - Don't Look Back