The Prowlers, Produzenten der Froide - Montreal vs Stuttgart CD

  • $9.99

Oi! Drunk! Rock-n-Roll! This split-release is the result of pairing up Canada's most notorious skinhead band with their suitably-matched counterparts in Germany for some international touring, recording, and unavoidable mayhem. Five original tracks from each band at their fighting best!


01 The Prowlers - Lost And Drunk
02 The Prowlers - NDG
03 The Prowlers - My Worst Enemy
04 The Prowlers - That Girl
05 The Prowlers - Our Team
06 Produzenten Der Froide - Therapie
07 Produzenten Der Froide - Break Free
08 Produzenten Der Froide - Blumen FÌ_r Alle
09 Produzenten Der Froide - Money
10 Produzenten Der Froide - Nimm Dir Dein Leben