Rough Cuts - Nobody's Fool LP

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From Canada’s largest city, Rough Cuts has stepped up to fill a gap left in the Oi! scene by bands like King Size Braces and Overpower. Rough Cuts bring a no-nonsense approach to their style of music, drawing inspiration from both early and modern Oi! With the release of their debut full-length on Insurgence and partner label Contra, Rough Cuts slice their way through as Toronto’s primary contenders.


150 x red vinyl (Insurgence)
150 x standard black vinyl (Contra)

A1 Ignorant and Proud
A2 The Chosen Few
A3 Nobody's Fool
A4 Them Or You
A5 Cut It Off
A6 Same Old Story

B1 New Breed
B2 Reds
B3 Not Alone
B4 Chip On My Shoulder
B5 I'm Done
B6 Come Into My Parlour
B7 Clockwork Fun