No Heart - self-titled LP

No Heart - self-titled LP

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Built up in a very active short span resulting in two EPs, two split LPs, and a full length, Vic City heavies No Heart leave us with their best work to date. Best work to date! That's what the reviewers said about each of their releases when they were issued. Well, the ten tracks on this epic, self-titled album are their final offering to their legions of fans built up from their period of rabid activity, mutating from previous Vic City Skinhead bands, and living on in the mod/glam-driven rampage of The Choice Few. The band put their instruments down but are rumoured to pick them back up again to support the release of this record. This offering is a must-have for those into their trademark rolling bovver sound and a fitting cap to complete their impressive catalog!

PREORDERS: November 14
STREET DATE: November 28


300 x black vinyl

A1 Outta Here
A2 The Fix
A3 Nervous Reaction
A4 Come And Gone
A5 Van Isle Made

B1 Don't Know When
B2 Another Day
B3 All Talk
B4 Troubled Times
B5 Cold Comfort