The Oppressed, The Prowlers - Skins'n'Punks Volume 6 CD

The Oppressed, The Prowlers - Skins'n'Punks Volume 6 CD

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Between 1986 and 1989 Roddy Moreno from The Oppressed released five volumes in the famous Skins 'n' Punks series through his label Oi! Records. That classic series introduced us to great new bands like Last Rough Cause, Oi Polloi, The Magnificent and The Press.

Now, over 25 years since Oi! Records called it a day, Insurgence (North-America) and Aggrobeat (Europe) have released a new volume. Not only is this the first volume with The Oppressed taking part, it's also the first time in nearly twenty years for The Oppressed to release new material on the 12” format!

The Oppressed serve up five new tracks and reworkings, plus a Prowlers cover and a newly-recorded version of White Flag, which is the first time with Roddy on vocals. The original 1982 version featured Martin Brennan on vocals. The Prowlers offer six previously unreleased cuts, including blistering covers of Poblers United's 'Antifascist Skin' and The Oppressed's 'Urban Soldiers'.

For both bands it was a logical decision to finally make an LP together. Both bands are long-time friends and have shared the stage multiple times across Europe as well as in Canada and Mexico. CD version is complete with Skins 'N' Punks 'The U.S. Connection' mock artwork.


01 The Oppressed - Head Kicked In
02 The Oppressed - Drunken Skinhead
03 The Oppressed - White Flag
04 The Oppressed - The Greatest Cardiff Rip Off
05 The Oppressed - Cardiff Born
06 The Oppressed - Bluebirds Unite
07 The Oppressed - SHARP Anthem
08 The Prowlers - Revenge
09 The Prowlers - We’re Here To Drink Your Beer
10 The Prowlers - Antifascist Skin
11 The Prowlers - Made On The Streets
12 The Prowlers - Urban Soldiers
13 The Prowlers - My Vote