The Oppressed, The Prowlers - Skins'n'Punks Volume 6 - BUNDLE

  • $69.69

Both variants of the LP bundled together with the CD version and a test pressing, signed by both bands and hand-stamped.


1 x white
1 x red
1 x test press (black vinyl)

A1 The Oppressed - Head Kicked In
A2 The Oppressed - Drunken Skinhead
A3 The Oppressed - White Flag
A4 The Oppressed - The Greatest Cardiff Rip Off
A5 The Oppressed - Cardiff Born
A6 The Oppressed - Bluebirds Unite
A7 The Oppressed - SHARP Anthem

B1 The Prowlers - Revenge
B2 The Prowlers - We’re Here To Drink Your Beer
B3 The Prowlers - Antifascist Skin
B4 The Prowlers - Made On The Streets
B5 The Prowlers - Urban Soldiers
B6 The Prowlers - My Vote